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Linking a web site directly to TMM Virtual Terminal should only be done if you have adequate programming skills to create your own payment form or have support for your existing online ordering system. If you would like to add online shopping to your website, please view Total Merchant Manager Professional. Our complete system includes an online ordering system and the TMM Virtual Terminal with full setup and support for 60 days.

The following HTML code is used to connect your website or existing shopping cart to the Virtual Terminal

<FORM ACTION="[your-account#]/index.cgi" METHOD="post">

Order/Invoice Number: (optional)

<input type="hidden" name="CNT" value="12345">

Total $Dollars to Process (including sales tax and shipping):

<input type="hidden" name="snd_total" value="00.00">

Billing Input Names:

<input size="30" name="snd_name" value="Billing Name">
<input size="30" name="snd_addr1" value="Billing Address">
<input size="30" name="snd_city" value="Billing City">
<input size="2" name="snd_state" maxlength="2" value="Billing State">
<input size="11" name="snd_zip" value="Billing Zip Here">
<input size="20" name="snd_country" value="Billing Country Here">
<input size="20" name="snd_phone" value="Billing Phone Here">
<input size="30" name="snd_mail" value="customer email">

After Processing is complete, return link:

The same above name/values will be returned to the "ReturnTo" URL listed, along with these additional values created by our authorization server:

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="VALIDATED" VALUE="Y"> (Approved Y/N)
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="APP_CODE" VALUE="Approval Code Number">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="AVS_CODE" VALUE="Address Verification Code">

Credit Card numbers and expiration dates cannot be returned unless you have a secure URL to send them to. You can view the payment information using the secured online terminal accessible with your browser and your login username and password provided when you purchase the TMM Web Terminal or the complete TMM system.

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